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Aftab H Niazi Teacher of foreign languages courses

Executive Director’s Message

Greetings From RMC Lingo…

We see an immense social responsibility in shaping society through the learning of foreign languages and so we seek to lay a foundation for a quality training center for foreign languages, consisting of values besides academic excellence. Learning a language is to have one more window through which to look at the world. In this venture of ours, we bring you a striking balance of contemporary practices within the respected conventions of foreign language training.

As you know, English is acknowledged as the widespread and common communication language in our globalizing world. In addition, English is accepted as a common and international scientific language. The goal of RMC Lingo -The proactive language lab is to help students, despite their level, realize their foreign language learning potential and contribute to their success.

The objective of RMC Lingo is to equip students with language skills sufficient to help them follow foreign language classes in their faculties.

Based on the ‘one language, one person motto, Our Foreign Languages Division aims to teach students a second foreign language (German, French, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish) other than English that will help them succeed in the world. Organized foreign language courses will help our students from other countries to enhance their opportunities in government, business, medicine, law, technology, military, industry, marketing, etc; and also offer academic English proficiency as IELTS and TOEFL for our students who wish to footpace their career goal in the tribune of the linguistic sphere.

In today’s world, the most important objective of education is to raise multicultural global citizens and individuals who respect and understand all cultures due to this multicultural nature, help individuals to receive education and mainstream in the same classroom with students from other nationalities in the globalizing world. Also, it is aimed to equip students with the language skills required in higher education standards.

Aftab H Niazi
Executive Director
RMC Lingo
(Under RMC Group of Companies)