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Terms of Admission

A few basic terms & conditions are guided and accepted at RMC Lingo that binds the student while enrolling in a program.

Students enrolling in any Programme Must:

  • Have the passion to pursue the program
  • Have gone through the application form
  • Have a valid ID card or passport
  • Have gone through our counseling desk.

Admission Criteria

  • At RMC Lingo our admission policy aims to admit students regardless of social, racial, religious, and other considerations.
  • Application for admission can be made directly at RMC Lingo. Application forms are available from reception or by contacting the counselling desk.
  • Admission is strictly on a first come first serve basis for all language programs.
  • Admission can be done by the payment of a registration fee of Rs. 999/- along with the admission fee.
  • Admission is open throughout the year but also depends upon the availability of seats.
  • The admission department will collect home and correspondence addresses at the time of enrolment. Enrolment will be complete only after the candidate has filled and submitted the complete enrolment form with two passport-size photographs. The form should be filled in the candidate’s own handwriting and should be duly signed by the candidate.
  • Verification of facts as written in the form will be done by the institute. In case of any discrepancy, the institute has the right to cancel the admission.
  • If any student wishes to withdraw from the enrolled course after the commencement of classes, no fees will be refunded.
  • The payment can be made by cards Credit/Debit, Bank transfer or in cash mode. To make a Credit Card/Debit Card payment online, visit our payment gateway. If you face any difficulties whilst making payment, please call us or send an email and we will be happy to help with the process.